Finding True North

The other day I had an amazing coaching experience with one of my guru’s …We chatted about how the world seems to put a premium on meaning… labels…. identities ….. concepts. It’s damn draining. Wrapping up every little thing we do just to justify it. Just to prove we’re right, even if we know we are wrong. We’re arrogant that way. Stubborn little junkies.It’s like we purposefully enjoy making a mountain out of a molehill!

“If you want to reach a state of bliss, then go beyond your ego and the internal dialogue.” ~ Deepak Chopra

We spend way to much time wrapping up experiences and posting them publicly for the world to see …
I’m not just talking about Social Media, I’m talking about the way we live our lives.
The way we stay in our heads figuring strategies and Powerpoint presentations.

Tell me – where are you right now? 

Where ever you are you’re thinking.

You’re not being !

Stop searching for bliss outside of yourself in the big blue world of out there. Stop looking for justifications and treasure troves. All that world can ever be is your perception of someone else’s understanding of what happening in you.  Your ego may experience a fleeting moment of happiness or joy, and yet only minutes later it starts demanding something else that it believes will make you “happy” again.

So you’re playing ping-pong chasing pipe dreams spun out by a little teeny tiny voice in your head.

(Sylvester. I was wondering what happened to him. The nasty little rugrat was upfront centre. )


Aren’t you tired yet of this perpetual never-ending story ?

This search for bliss ….

All these epic journeys up and down the cascading landscapes of your infinite mind, or worse the remote places lining our globe. The ego has been conducting this massive search for lifetimes … and it’s just about to send you in another direction.I thought you might want to know that!

I dunno about you, but after all these hours of searching I’m got pretty damn tired. I felt brusied, sluggish, and sleepy. My thoughts had me running circles in search of what could only be named the holy grail. Then I did something magical. I stepped inside myself, but not my thoughts, my truth. I embraced surrender.

Not the giving up, I’m done with life kinda surrender.

The kind of surrender when you have the courage to press the off / mute button on your thoughts and know you’re true compass will point due north.

The good news is that you can stop the suffering right now and discover this bliss inside.

I’ve been there.

I go there.

I am there.

You never have to do anything again to experience the bliss of your being.

This “Beingness” is simply blissful in its nature.

All you need to do is allow yourself to surrender to who and what you truly are beneath all these thoughts and experiences.





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