unwrapping secrets

Do you want to know the secret to BEING IN LIFE ?

You already do, but for some reason you won’t let yourself hear it, feel it, know it, BE IT.
That’s because we have been programmed to go on epic soul searing journeys to the outer
borders of the universe. We keep looking up, down, outside in and upside down. We keep
trying to justify every emotion, every result, every creation and solve this mystery.

But what is the mystery?

And if we are trying to solve it why do we keep wrapping it up in boxes and labelling it?

That sounds kinda tedious dontcha think ?

Can you even tell me what you are looking for ?

Let’s go back to the idea of wrapping boxes and putting labels on it … can anyone tell me
what’s the point.Whatever it is you think you’re doing, you’re actually turning it into
something else. You’re just trying to manage it or justify it.

Not only is it a waste of resources but it’s damn near draining.

It’s like creating a pass the parcel game. you start off with the prize, and decide to hide it.
Feeling unworthy of it perhaps. And then the endless flurry of layers sweep over it.

Suffocating it’s true essence.

You’re fingers are worn out, black and stained, and filled with papercuts.

The magic is almost all gone and you’re left with a deformed form of paper
wrapped in far too much cellotape. It’s now fort nox. Bravo. This ought to keep the poor buggas busy while you
go on with life. Until you realise you’re the only on playing this game and you’re set it up against yourself …

What’s worse you labeled it with a fear of success or a fear of rejection and now you’re handling something that’s
more scary than the Poltergeist (although that’s pretty damn scary in my books, says she who can’t even watch the trailer!)

What is you called off the search and quit all the games?

You don’t need to do anything.

You don’t need to go anywhere.

Wherever you are you’re there!

Exactly where you want to be.

Embrace it.

No Matter how amazing or how off the radar it is.

Embrace it.

This is it.

This is being IN life.



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