where to from here ?


So you say that you want it all  and you spend your time wishing away on the dream that maybe some day it will. All you need is a little ABCRACADABRA and everything that you ever expected is going to arrive on your doorstep.

Now, I’ll all for magic and hope but let’s face the truth … it’s just setting you up for failure.  I know that sounds a little harsh, but sometimes the truth just is. I used to be the ultimate believer. I rigged my workspace will endless dream boards filled with people I didn’t know, that looked nothing like me. Then I held my breath and waited… and boy was that an epic fail.

I didn’t really get it. All this law of attraction stuff tells you to see it, feeeeeeel it, and so it shall be. Bollocks. They left out the cream de le cream secret ingredient. POWERFUL ACTIONS….

Imagine you’re looking for love and you dream up your very own concoction of prince charming. You spend days looking at pretty pictures, sighing to your heart’s content, and daydreaming the script away of your soon to be discovered life. Grand ! There’s only one problem. You’re locked yourself in the tower and put a dragon on guard to keep out the rugrats.


There are two ways the story could play out.

1. Your Tower is not listed on any GPS service and the Prince never finds you.

2. Your dashing Prince discovered the tower. Runs into the Dragon and becomes Thursdays lunch.


Grand isn’t it?


You’re expecting magic but you’ve barricaded all the doors.

You’re actions suggest you’re iffy and don’t actually want it.  There’s a disconnect. A huge one !!!

So here’s something to ponder….

  • What are you actually doing that promotes your dream?
  • What are you choosing to do that gets in the way of that?

Shakespeare was quiet the smartiepants when it came to this when he uttered these thoughts

to be or not to be … that is the question

What frequency are you actually putting out in the world ?



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