The makings of Adventures ….

Here thee, Here thee .
This is my declaration. 
It takes the shape and the form of  an  Adventure.
An Adventure unlike any other…. 
Recently I’ve been involved with’s newbie – The Adventure Program … and it’s been creating a delicious swirl of
amazing possibilities. (and I’m loving every second of it)
Part of that is creating my very own Adventure !!! (hiphip  hoorah)
There’s a certain boldness that one needs in order to take an Adventure, and part of that essence is being able to commit to your Intention.  Taking an irreversible step seals the deal  and moves you powerfully towards your hearts desire…
And so, I pause and take this space to make my personal Intention, my Adventure, known ….(for all the path seekers, wayseers, adventure junkies, and above all for myself).
My Adventure has already been set in motion on the backdrop of the biggest shift our planet is experiencing. The 2012 Odyssey. It is a multi dimensional fusion that beckons the ultimate core of who I am:
A creator.
A co creator.
A creative.
It Echoes in my being, in mandalas, and in every door that opens ….
In this space I give myself everything I want …. everything I need. I design, create and manifest utopian realities.
I share this space though the gift of co-creation. The medium of Life Coaching. The Purpose of why we’re both in this space at this time. And lastly I create creatively and move people powerfully through my art. It’s Awesome.
More simply put it’s a place that weaves together life coaching and creativity.
It’s shape and path is ever-unfolding with each new sunrise and each discovery. However,  a part of that vision is around personal creative writing and, I have my own story rising onto the horizon (after being sidelined in the busy cobwebs of procrastination and more important things)
Other forms include and sharing the Adventure with you and the rest of the world. I can’t wait till we lauch this Amazing for all the world to experience.
And so ink (proverbially) has connected with paper and the once dreamt hopes are now as tangible as a published declaration….
And more than that, there’s a deadline. The reality check that aligns heart, intention , and the journey now showing ….
Expect magic by the end of September and final strokes by year end.

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