rabbit roles and secret doors – Unlocking Significance Book review

The interesting thing about being a writer is that you can travel down any one of a million rabbit holes… but at any given point, you can only choose one portal. When I started reading Unlocking Significance , I found myself drawn to a particular rabbit hole. That excited me. However that wasn’t the rabbit hole the writer intended me to travel down on. So I could have done the following….

A. Threw a hissy fit because I wanted this one. This would have meant
discarding the current rabbit hole (and potentially the entire read).
B. Dove in the rabbit hole regardless and wrote my way through it …
C. Accepted that another magical hole had manifested from the writers’ best of intentions …

I must say that as a creative and as a life coach, I struggled to tuck myself into this read, because my mind wanted to separate truths from structures. (Sigh, another rabbit hole)

Let’s just set the foundation for this review. This is a book about weight loss. It might start out with a voyeuristic look at humanity – but it’s actually addressing why people struggle to lose weight (and how to stay that way).

Richard Armstrong pin points one of the casualties as time management … and every time it came up, it sent me for a spin. This jump felt a little too drastic for me. It just appeared there in black and white with no real breakdown as to why. I saw them as two juxtaposing idea … Potentially relatable, but not visibly tied together.

That bugged me. So I decided the only way around it was to figure it out.

If sex and communications are the core metrics for a successful relationship then the question is, could the relationship to time and time management be fundamental to weight issues?

A person who (by their own making) struggles with weigh loss might have the best of intentions to lose weight. However they might also find a sense of comfort in being over weight.

Losing weight then means
o    Letting go of that comfort zone
o    Being exposed
o    Dropping the armour
o    Potentially losing out on belonging, safety, acceptance, and above all Identity.

If that’s the investment deal, then it’s a lot to give up.

So if a person that struggles with weight loss chooses to procrastinate (relationship to time) and does not investing in themselves (poor time management) then perhaps there is a truth in this. That’s my understanding of it. Armstrong might have had another take on it… but this is what the reader has to work with (actually less).

If only the writer had actually talked the reader through it rather than assuming everyone would connect the dots. The way the statement is currently thrown down as fact could see a lot of copies being hurled across bedroom floors. (It’s just to bold) …
You can’t just throw an idea out and not explain why it’s so, and what you mean by it.

So, for me, it sounds like it’s actually a spin-off of boundary issues. Not knowing where the soul ends and where the self starts … or where the self ends and others.

This read beckons the following questions

o    Where do you attach your health and happiness?
o    What do you identify with?
o    What values do you choose to live by?
o    Where do you cast your boundaries?

Are you living out a desire or are you simply following a script?
Do you see the going to the gym as a pleasure or a prescribed chore (routine)?

It echoes the question of what trap door did you fall through and where do you actually want to get off?

This is the book of awareness … should you find yourself in this very room then perhaps it can be a key to unlock significance and move courageously towards one’s desired self … (just note, big jumps ahead)


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