a tricksey little side effect of sharing …


Today I stumbled on an amazing little thing and I wanted to share it with you. I shared it with someone who was close to me … and I learnt a very interesting lesson about the world.

The initial reason I wanted to share this song with this person because the lyrics really moved me at my core. It was magical and it was powerful.

She said “wow, I really like the pictures.” and left the music in the spaces between.

I asked about what the music meant to her and she said ” hmmmmmmmmm, nice. I guess ……. not really my thing” and you know what ………… that was ok.

I could have been upset on how this person missed me and the hours of conversation we had leading up to this discovery… but the truth is no matter what you share chances are the other person is only going to receive the piece that fits them. That’s if they choose to receive any of it at all.

Often we have an attachment or an investment in the way things ought to be. If it doesn’t work out that way, we feel mad. Truth is that makes no sense. We expect people to read our mind and know what really moves us … but we never actually pin the tail on the proverbial donkey.

So….. we get mad……. because nobody gets us. But the truth is you haven’t even embraced your true and authentic self yet. Until you do, these things will bug you. Or they’ll slip into the filing cabinet and get recalled at the most opportune moment. After all, any attachment and investment of this nature means that you’re seeking out someone else’s approval for your existence.

The lesson I learnt was that the person that means the most to me, my soul mate, myself – she was beyond thrilled to hear it. That’s the only person that matters. I wasn’t angry. I didn’t need to prove anything to this person. There comments meant nothing.

So here it is …….. take it , or let it slip …. Either way, the space and connection remains.  Because I AM and you can be whatever it is that you want to be – and that’s ok too.

Right now, they’re waiting to see the last few moments in pictures. I’ve uploaded the video and let them know ……. fact is the person did not hear me. Why, because this isn’t important to them. But it is important to me. I could scream out a third time and echo that it’s ready. I could pin her down and force it down her throat. I could.

But it doesn’t mean anything to me anymore.

Why…. because …

” ~ I am the light of my soul ~ I Am Beautiful ~ I Am Bountiful ~ I Am Bliss ~ I AM ~ I AM “

….. and this is where I chose to be. To be WITH me. To be IN me.

I know who I am. I know what I want and what I need … and I’m aware that this other way of being does not serve me.

My question to you is …….
What investment do you have in other people ?
What makes them so powerful ?
Why does that even matter ?



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