Where Magic happens …

Where does Magic live ?

Firstly, I’d like to state that I believe the magic lives inside of you. You put it away in one of those “safe spots” where you knew that you would never lose it …. but then you forgot where that was. You disconnected. You let go. You fell out of life with your own ultimate truth. However that’s not the core thing that I want to speak to you about.  I want to speak about where magic actually happens.



You might want to take a breath, because this might sound a little wild and hard to wrap your mind around.  Magic happens outside of you … but in actual fact it’s still inside of “you”.  Let me explain …

Once upon a time in a realm of earth a person came to be. Let’s say that person is called Someone. Someone goes about life living each day from one to the next, in accordance to the time keepers known as the Sun and Moon.  Someone dreams, no yearns, to live a life filled with meaning, purpose and success (by their definition)… and so they decide to make this pursuit of happiness their eternal quest.  They pack their bags and follow the road to success. However, after a few hours on foot Someone finds themselves in the cross roads.
To the left and the right are the realm of possibility that they have come to know. Ahead is the land of unknown, covered in a sheath of think mist. The lands on either side boost appealing hills and small colourful towns. It reminds Someone of where they came from. It’s familiar. Someone feels comfort in these places. He knows how to handle them. He knows how to navigate them. He can deal with them. He can’t however understand how this other place works. So he picks what he knows. He’s heard of  people who reached these lands before. He’s heard of their degrees of success. He knows (or thinks he knows) the loops in this system. How to bet it. How to get more out of it. Afterall , he’s studied all the people who have taken these paths before him. They’ve all returned to his hometown with such amazing fairy tales of how they won. Thought, he must admit he found it puzzling that if they found Success and Paradise why they ever chose to return to what was. Alas, he let that thought fog over. And so, he picked the path he knew … in the realm of possibilities that he knew …

If you failed at something that you knew handle would that be as scary as failing at something that made no sense to you?

Einstein once said that :

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you’re living in a bubble of comfort where you are peaking at 15% Success or even  45% Success … why stay there?

So what does this have to do with the story of Somebody and the definition of insanity? P.S That Someone is actually you.

We’ll, you’re choosing to play in the contentment of your own comfort. Sure you win sometimes and yes you lose too, but at least here you know how to manage that. You know how to deal with the cards you got dealt. But if your goal is to live at 100% success then let’s not kid ourself any longer. 45% is still a fail. 99% is still a fail. So what’s up with the padded walls ???

If you’re going to fail then why not fail outside of your comfort zone ?

Stop reinventing the wheel. Stop trying to find the loophole. There’s a reason you’re not at 100% and that’s because you’ve settled on comfort.

Yes. You have settled for less. Regardless of your intention, you’re actions prove that you’re just chasing your own tail.

The question is what are you going to do about it ….

a) drop the comfort zone and tap into the magic

b) Tell everyone that you’re actually playing to fail

The identity that you’ve come to adopt as you is nothing more than a comfort zone.  It’s what you have come to accept, it’s the cards you’ve been dealt, and it’s the role you have accepted.  It’s a choice. A comforting one.  There’s no magic in this space. It just is whatever kinda sorta maybe works. However, if you connect to your core – you’re true authentic and ultimate self you’ll discover a realm of magic at your fingertips.

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