Mix n Match – a personal trip to self mastery

The hardest part of being a happy-go-lucky-campa is making sure that you have just the right mix of people around you.

People make it so much harder to manifest abundance when they keep pulling the rug out from under your feet, poking you, bruising you, and most of all nagging you. There are those people out there that just don’t get it and others who don’t want to get it. Then sometimes there are people who claim to have the best in mind, but just don’t know how to bottle it (bless them for trying though)

The trick is to stay away from people like that. It’s a little harder when you can’t. And let’s face it unless you plan on blowing up your own bubble, moving into a zorb, or retreating into one of the few uninhabited spaces left on this blue pearl – then getting away from it is going to be just that more challenging.

On the other hand, running away from it is never dealing with it.

How can you know if you can really handle it if you don’t take the occasional test every so often.

I was in a coaching session the other day with an Amazing who was going through the same thing. He’d shifted. He’d grown into a new space and his buds didn’t get this new aura around him.

While writing about this, someone in my life flashed to mind.  I had this friend who was an amazing in the making, but he loved to complain …. and I mean sink his teeth into it. He found it strange that I didn’t jump right in there with him.  To be honest my aura wasn’t tuned into doing that …..

So how do you handle the best of intentions wrapped up in last seasons christmas paper ???

You’re moving forward (on any and all levels) and you feel like to keep getting pulled back into the days of greyscale.

We’ll, what does all this mean to you ? Growing. Expanding. Allowing …. et al doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make your friends bad either. It’s just a matter of realising that they might not be the hundreds for you.

You need to find your true tribe. The people who get you. The people who speak you.


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