Mapping out personal Adventures

I connected with an Amazing the other day, who shared my blueprint with me, and all I wanted to do was flipping cartwheels.

The level of alignment was beyond anything I ever experienced to date and for that I am eternally grateful and blessed. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Universe for really being there for me … and for being the biggest support on this amazing adventure that I am on.



Recently I started my own adventure with It was here that I encompassed a new adventure that I am on.  It’s part of a program that is being rolled out and I am honoured to be a part of the wayseers to take it forward. (more on that later.)

This is my story of being. (Just writing it , just being here, connecting to it feels warm and fuzzy all over!)

At the heart of it all is a star. A powerful source of light that illuminates the way for others. It radiates hope, magic, intentions,  and guidance. However this isn’t just your usual star. It’s a super nova because it crossed more than one realms.  It’s the product of convergence between 3 spaces.  The inner most circle represents my true and ultimate self.  My essence.  Me likes.

From this, 3 beacons emerge and merge with the realm of earth. These 3 things represent the holy trinity of who I am. The first beacon represents my creative self (my creative identity). The second speaks to me being a co-creator in this world. This takes the form of my Life Coaching Practise, where I connect and co-create your adventure around being. The last beacon represents myself as the Creator of my own life.

These are the pillars of my personal adventure.  This is where I am putting my focus and power and this is my commitment to Creative Coaching | Being INlife

It’s where I am. It’s where I choose to be. It’s were I connect with my ultimate self.

The last realm is about my connection with the world.  Each Beacon links with other and sends a powerful ray into the world, while feeding the inner star. The smaller pyramids that connect each beacon represent the range of possibilities.

To find out how to conect to yourblue print I suggest you visit

Thank you for joing me on this adventure.

Happy Travels …..


















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