Words to Echo

What a fantabulous weekend !!!

Watching the sun droop under the sky line on the edge of the horizon – I think about how amazing this weekend has been. I wish I could stay in this place forever.

Then I remembered, I could.

How’s that awesome list coming along. Don’t feel you’re living up to it. I hope not, but if you’re slumping for heaven knows what reason here are a couple awesomes that I am passing on to you…

today you lived, you breathed, you made choices, you smiled, you laughed, you cheered, you stood up, you spoke up, you paused to smell the roses, you indulged in that first sip of coffee, you finished reading a book, you starting reading a book, you connected to someone you had not seen in a while, you finished your homework, you put your feet up, you went for that run…. today you lived.


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