Falling in and out of this world

When I stared this journey I found myself tripping over this wonderful thought.


It felt like people were going about life …. “living” or the border of what it actually means to be alive.

It always takes me back to this thought, these scene, in one of my much-loved movies.

It’s like we’re bumping up against the thought of being alive, but we are too busy living something else to even notice the magic the world has to offer. If you just pierced that membrane, if you just stepped out of your ant colony, you’d fall INlife.

Then it hit me. (Isn’t that ironic, don’t you think?) … to fall INlife is harsh. It’s bold. It’s dangerous. It embedded with all the reasons why you shouldn’t. It’s transparent. It’s fleeting. It’s a moment.

You ever hit the mark or you miss.

You get it or you don’t.

Worse of all – you choose to fall out of it. Just like love.

You chose to fall out of life.

Stop. Breathe. Think about it.  What are you getting right now? What decision did you make? Are you choosing to be awesome tomorrow instead of now. Are you choosing sleeping in over watching the sun rise? Chances are, you’re that ant.  You’re out of life – going through the motions.

So I paused. Took a breath and revisited my intention. I want something that’s powerful. I want something that’s true.Above all I want something that is unique and true to the ultimate me.

And then it was (spot the difference) …..

I wasn’t looking to fall INlife. I intend to BE INlife. To be of this moment, whatever this moment is ….


One thought on “Falling in and out of this world

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