conversations with an artist , part 1

I was chatting to an Amazing this morning. She’s a super nova Art Director making a splash across film reels (and that’s all I can share there!) …. I had no idea where the conversation was going, but I knew that it was going to be something special. Sure to luck, it was !!!

As a creative she understands the musing power that creativity has to inspire people, and take them to the edges of the realm. She’s gone to inspire her own following of puppy loved up fans (and she’s worth it) but then the conversation turned into something surreal….

Next thing I knew, I found myself upside-down and inside-out in her construction of the world. I looked around this fascinating landscape and wondered where this was heading.

The conversation felt like it jumped to a space of frustration.

The world turned sepia around me.

I listened.

She was upset about a the idea that creativity was on sale … actually, that creativity could be bought. She trumped about creativity as something that you are born with. It cannot be transposed or transacted. It cannot be swapped and it cannot be bought.

This is was response to a workshop about creativy. No doubt one of those paint by number type of deals. Something felt familiar, but I couldn’t really say what it was …. the conversation never got that far. Something I regret.

However, it’s lived on in this post … in the thoughts I’m thinking, the words I’m manifesting, and the feelings you’re attributing to reading these very words.

Is inspiration for sale ? Is creativity sellable ?

It’s a borderline conversation.

Creative Minds are artists who create amazing works of art. Inspiration is embedded in it. Regardless of whether they are artists, creatives, inventors, designers, product makers, business shakers,  ad reps, marketing gurus, and out the box thinkers. Yet this is an extension of who they are. This is a calling. It is a choice. Potentially even a manifestation of their purpose.

The question spun around 1000 times in the conversation, showing 1 million different faces, but at the heart of it all the same spirit.

The conversation was the spirit of a time-honoured dilemma of creative minds:

A little voice whispers ” what am I worth?” ( as a human, as a spirit, as an artist, as a muse, as a life coach, as a healer, as a visionary, as a giver.) ” What value do I offer the world and those around me ??? “

Is making money from art the ultimate evil ?

Does it corrupt the pure creative soul ?

It reminded me of another discussion that I recently had with another amazing. He said he had to “sell his soul to a corporate” to fuel a project of the heart.

I see the honour in creating something a sharing it with the world.Sure, there is grace in that.

HOWEVER I see people identifying with the struggles of the creative artist, feeling like they need to encompass suffering in order to create real art …. It’s almost like it’s the uniform they choose to wear.

Why does it have to be a struggle?

Manifestation paints the world the way we create it.

If you believe money is evil – it’ll never come to you.

If you believe true genius lies in struggle – the world will give you double club points on struggle.

So I ask you to ponder on this : What are you worth ?







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