The truth about Goddesses is ….

Today’s coaching session got me thinking about POWER … I always had a love hate relationship with the word … but everytime I’m reminded of my truth … and my power … I know that every little thing is going to be as it should  … 

Alluring: She Shines

  • Possesses both inner and outer beauty.
  • Is magnetic and alluring.
  • Owns her sexuality.
  • Knows who she is and accepts the light and the dark qualities.
  • Takes care of her whole self: body, mind, and spirit.
  • She is fully accepting of herself and has the freedom and courage to be all of who she is.

Awareness: She Knows

  • Awareness of human relationships and the impact she has on others.
  • Engages in “soul work”— books, people and activities, etc that serve to raise her consciousness.
  • Has a love of learning and applying knowledge to real life challenges so she grows in understanding and wisdom.
  • Understands the interplay of earthly and heavenly elements, “as above, so below.”
  • Manages her thoughts to create the reality she desires.

Authenticity: She Honors

  • Designs a life that nurtures her inner nature.
  • She feels and communicates her thoughts and emotions with confidence.
  • She takes the time to get her emotional needs met in healthy ways.
  • Lives from her center, and is grounded in reality, dealing effectively with day- to- day life.
  • She takes the lead in her family.
  • She trusts her own process, including beginnings and endings.

Action: She Works

  • Her work is a form of self-expression.
  • Consciously creates and accepts personal responsibility for herself and her life.
  • Releases the need to control or manipulate or punish.
  • Discovers her unique purpose and strives to live it.
  • Seeks to improve the world through her sphere of influence.
  • Views obstacles and challenges as part of the learning process and uses persistence to overcome them.
  • Chooses a domain(s) to master (cooking, writing, teaching, healing, art).

Allowing: She Receives

  • Balances head and heart functions to make decisions.
  • Allows the universe to provide for her needs.
  • Lets her soul be her guide while traveling her path.
  • Employs natural laws such as the law of attraction to manifest her desires.
  • Possess great vision and intuition.
  • Is able to perceive the paradoxes of life and see many perspectives.
  • Is open to receiving her good
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