Setting your ultimate intention

This morning I found myself really getting to the heart of setting an intention greater than anything I’ve ever know.

Originally my big thing was to step into my greatness. It has a gorgeous ring to it. But today it feel short of my expectations and I found myself really questioning what it is that I desire.

In the back of my mind I heard the following words echo:


Then I started to put together the jigsaw …. and I realised that My intention is to be true to the person that I intend on being. Sort of like, stepping into the shoes of the ultimate me and allowing myself to take that shape …. and living that truth right now! Not one day, someday soon …. but rather stepping into being that part of me.

Ultimate Intentions can be tricky … especially if you let your head get in the way of it. What does your heart tell you ..?

What letter is your Soul sending back to you?

Give yourself the space to listen … you already know the answer.


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