The Art of living in the now …

Time flies. It soars and dips and passes with each fleeting tick.

You wouldn’t think it and sometimes you can’t even feel it … but it’s happening whether you like it or not.

For example, when my parents went away on holiday, They left on the 6th to go on their little overdue adventure. My days simply carried on … The sun rose. The day was lived. The sun set. The night was slept. And now I find myself closer to picking them up from the airport again.  Could it really be that 2 weeks flew by in the wink of an eye?

Don’t get me wrong, these last 2 weeks have been filled to the brim of wonderous things … Luckily, I can say that the days that passed where not wasted … or where they?

Every ticking second is a chance to live your life. How many seconds do you spend filling your day with tedious and meaningless tasks? Now I’m not saying that a well deserved feet up moment is a waste. We all need our down time to mediate and de-stress …. the real question isn’t what you do …. but if it has any meaning.

Checking emails can be productive if its goal orientated, especially if it gets you closer to where you want to be. Then again stumbling over hours of dazzling websites without any deeper connection is a complete waste of time.

Today, I realised is the one year anniversery of the shattering earth quake in Japan – and Easter eggs are filling the shelves. It’s March already. Moreover it’s next to over. So when you say that you are going to do something, isn’t it worth your while to actually do it.  Time might be a social contruct, but it’s still very much alive and ticking!

There are 101 million ways to waste time and we’re all guilty of it … the scary fact is … time is running out and we never know when our story is going to end. So from here on out I make a pledge …

  • To live a life filled with meaning.
  • to appreciate the here and now.
  • To breathe.
  • To live.
  • To be.
  • To do.

My question to you is what how are you going to make today meaningful ?


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