The Creative Mind maketh not a MAN

You did nothing to deserve your God-given talent
You showed neither virtue nor vice
It was not through hard work or sacrifice
That you somehow attained it
It was wrapped up in a gift of Favour
Bestowed with generous abundance
And not for an instance
Did your Maker think you would squander
His precious present, in whatever form
Art, science, words, healing
Unique to you, always believing
That the higher calling would inform

You did nothing to deserve these fruits
So nurture the seed planted in His roots…
The man, blessed with a creative mind and an abundance of talent, is nothing without integrity
He conceptualises ideas and in the very same breath he breaks a woman’s spirit
He manifests his vision whilst simultaneously scarring her emotionally
He inspires others in bouts of brain-storming and charming wit
Then boasts about the bitch that he has bedded
He coaxes the best out of his many muses
Keeping them on track as to where he is headed
Only because he can use them as he chooses…

He is brilliant, the scope of his flair seen as a rarity
The man behind this is NOTHING, as he lacks integrity

by Robyn Jill Radcliffe


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