Ancient Wisdoms

I’ve picked up a new read.

I must admit having “inherited” all my brothers books has been a total blessing. Books really are a treasure trove of wisdom.

It reminds me just how much I need to write my own special story. More about that later.

Scanning the shelf, this book flickered in my line of vision. It appeals to my inner historian, my inner magician, my inner goddess, my inner materialistic wants, my mystic fascination, and above all my rising passion for the human condition (and the teachings of life coaching).  There’s still so much that we as humanity need to learn. In terms of this ‘life coaching’ aspiration the lessons are simple, however their execution is what gets people.

I’m only half way there ( in terms of this book) so I’ll pass on more info once I really understand the Urban Shaman and all their magical ways.

What I find amazing (although hardly not dazzling) is just how many people fear the unknown. Sure, she world has come a long way and there has been a global awakening. That doesn’t mean certain things aren’t still taboo. It’s just a lot more fuzzy these days. Another lesson that always stumps me if the lengths people will go to have ultimate control. Clearly none of them read Faustus. (though that in itself was a means of oppression).

People are their own worst enemy. Think about it. Currently we’re the top of the food chain right? We are the alpha and omega. We’re awesome and we’re aweful in so many ways. Ulitmate power and ultimate domination seems to be a inherent streak in our DNA. There’s nothing wrong with better. The real quest is better for the right reasons.

What’s the best you that you can be? Is it all about the money or is it tie dye and braids? Is it leaving a legacy or pushing the limits? Is it about power and control? Is it being the martyr? Seems to me that’s it’s not about checking the most boxes. It’s about that thread in-between. You might not get me right now, but I think that your Soul might just.


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