The other side of the red carpet | Interview with Lu Chase

An Interview with Lu Chase

Lu Chase is a lyricist,vocalist, cabaret artist, burlesque artist, actress and a vocal force of nature who brings an intelligent three dimensional sound that is current and moves us the way music used to back-in-the-day. If you thought that that was a mouth full, try this one for size: Take everything you have ever come to learn about the supernova Lu Chase and add her very own mobile TV channel. Yup, that’s right  – this lady is on the rise.

So what’s this Mobile TV Channel about? It’s a new platform called Bozzathat’s set to launch any day now! It defines itself as mobile neighborhood. A place where communities can tell their stories from the inside out…. Hmmm, that sounds like my kind of ripple.

“I know, it’s quite different hey! It’s very progressive. And I think that this is the way of the future. Communication is becoming more and more accessible. And it can be very overwhelming. Shows like this is cool because I sometimes feel that there’s an “oversexedness” in the media of this generation. And while sensuality is cool I think that there aren’t enough positive feminine roll models in the entertainment industry. There’s also a lack of guidance so young women have no where to turn but the TV and magazines. ” comments Lu.

The show is a “how to be fabulous” guide which gives advice as diverse as how to change a car tyre to how to make your own beauty products. Lu will give advice on all issues, no matter how superficial or serious. She’s passing on what she knows and taking on the challenge to learn what we doesn’t. And when that’s not working she’s resort to her trusting DIY tip : the beloved Google. She just wants to be there for you. Having done all that jazz, she’s this generations older cousin – someone to look up to, someone who might know the answer, and most of all someone keen enough to figure it out.

Whether it’s changing a tyre, or prepping for an interview. Whichever way the show can help would make me very happy.” Lu comments ” I’m a born communicator and use every medium at my disposal to communicate new ideas and tell people bout new things i discover along this amazing journey called life. But in a rock star kinda way”

Getting to know more about Lu

·  fav place to hang out once the sun goes down:in winter, in front of a warm cosy fire place. In Summer near a body of water

·  where you’re most likely bump into meOnline

·  favorite ice cream flavor: Coconut, mango, passion fruit, strawberry gelato.

·  brands that you’re associated withWoodstock Vintage and Hip Hop Clothing borrowed us some really cool things for the shoot. I really loved the 60’s vintage dirty pink dress from Woodstock Vintage and the Teal high wasted skirt from Hip Hop 

·  favorite word?Joy

·  what’s your favorite sound?The Sea and hearing “I LOVE you” from the people I love

SA music – who is on your CD rack?  Acid Blues, The Arrows, Still waiting for Southpaw and Stereo Zen’s albums. Real Rozanno’s mixes

·  who inspires you? It’s not really a who but a what. The Cosmos inspires me. The way everything is set up so perfectly. From the smallest molecules in our bodies to the biggest planets, everything has a purpose. I’m also inspired by frequencies and the way it relates to us. Everything has a frequency, words, this laptop, your voice and when it’s vibrating in Love it’s a wonderful thing

·  what spices up your life ? I love discovering new things. New vintage shops, new food, new people.

“I’ll always be right there with you, in your pocket.” says Lu, before running off to shot the next episode.

I don’t know about you … but I’m curious to see the ripples.


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