Most people really have a grudge against Mondays. They make it out to be barbaric and wrong in every sense of the word. Sylvester’s nodding his head like a bobbing bobcat, cursing the word and who ever utters it.Even Garfield has a grudge. Come to think of it, I’ve never met anyone or anything in popular culture that screamed out Whooo-hoooo it’s Monday. If you think of someone let me know.

I’d love to start a ritual up with a couple of friends (they just don’t know it yet). I’d love to met up with a good circle of friends every monday and toast in a new week with a glass of vino. You’re welcome to join in … It could be our own little version of a book club except instead of discussing books we chat life. We throw out ,into the open, all the things we really want achieve and be this week and just give each other the better days ahead speech. It’s Possible No???

I’m starting to change my outlook and build a solid appreciation for Monday. Not for the emails, paper cuts, and bank slips but for the chance to take dreams into action and actions to the 5th gear.

Mondays are your fresh start.

Mondays are those all important pick-me-ups to get your through the rest of the week.

Mondays are like that first sip of coffee…. So – what are you going to do with your day…. ?

Let’s start looking at Monday like a chance rather then a chore.Let’s paint Mondays Yellow.


One thought on “Pos*si*bil*i*ty

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