Learn how to utilize your number one resource_REVIEW

Tired of not producing to your expectations?

Tired of having to deal with emotional issues, lack of motivation, drive and vitality?

Then the Utilizing Your #1 Resource – workshop … Is your answer!

Finally a course that addresses the source of all problems.

‘Utilizing Resources’ provides tools to aid participants use their minds in the best possible way. It explains the relationship between energy levels, thinking and emotions. Interactive sessions assist individuals understand their abilities instilling greater confidence, motivation and effectiveness. This leads to improved performance, health and happiness.

In this 10-hour programme participants will learn:

1. The importance of being aware of thoughts at all times
2. To work with and increase personal energy and power
3. How to change negative or limiting thoughts to positive empowering ones
4. The connection between conscious breathing, thoughts, emotions, health,
vitality and well being
5. The importance of taking full responsibility and links to happiness and success
6. To understand everything counts – whatever is put in to your mind or body has an impact
7. How to use the gratitude attitude and the importance of giving

19TH & 26TH NOVEMBER 2011

Book your spot. | Find us on Facebook | Talents Accepted


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