Meet Sylvester

Here is that little sprite that I have been telling you about. I’m pretty sure that you’ve met before, but I not sure if you have been probably introduced.

His name is Sylvester. Or at least that’s what I call him. I don’t think he’s too fussed what you call him – as long as you give him the time of day- he’s grateful. He just loves to get his way. He’s a tease. He’s playful by nature by slothlike in any action … I wonder does that remind you of anyone ???

Don’t be fooled by his cute and snuggly exterior. Sprites are masters of delusions.You might even think this lovable gremlin has your best intentions at heart. After all look into those big puss-in-boots eyes, and tell me you see the face of a monster. Na-Uh. Impossible….

And yet he whispers sweet nothings into your ear with delectable ease and, innocently twists your thoughts till you change your mind and forget about doing whatever it is that you want to be doing.

“Sush it little hobbit!”

I know all about you and your misguided little ways and nasty thoughts that try to crawl in under my skin.

Sticks and Stones little one, sticks and stones.


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