the art of putting things together

If you have not watched this film Waking Life then you are in for a real treat. Sure, it’s deep and intense… but you can handle it. Just listen to your Soul.

How do you create your world? Which words do you use to describe yourself, your maybe, your purpose. You might think you’re using all that jazzed up buzz words and speaking perfectly … but think about it. What does each word mean to you. You might love a million things in a million ways but which one is true to you.

One say I was chatting to a fellow Life Coach about the perfect relationship and I found myself saying that I was looking for a happily ever after. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s the classic fairytale ending and as I started sticking up around this idea, I realised … Oh bugga … I walked straight into that one.

Think about it happily ever after means the perfect ending right? That’s all great but how does that impact on the now. Isn’t now supposed to be the happy part? Why does happiness come at the end of something and not right up front? Does that mean now’s just a whole load of drama … one of those girl meets boys stories, gets her heart-broken and only later on does everyone figure out this could be a good thing. That’s how it normally goes right. That’s the screenplay we write so that we can fill the story with drama and laughs and make sales.

So here’s me the writer, the idealist, the romantic, partial life couch feeling stumped. I don’t have to feel stumped. That’s just my little Whooha at play, but I just saw what meaning was invested in my little dreamy happily-ever- after and you know what, it’s not all that.

Unless we end up writing a whole new language we are pretty much set to the words we have. How we string those words together, what meaning we give those words, and what meaning we take to the world is another story. Thing is, the story, the words, the meaning starts with you. Once you know, and I mean really truly know, what that is then show it. Show it up.  You can spend your time explaining yourself till the cows come home, or you can lead by example. By giving your throughts, your views, your meanings life and a place to play with the world, you’ll get the message out there with mega impact. But before you can do that you’ll need to get into yourself, with yourself and figure out what things really mean to you.

How do you create your world? Which words do you use to describe yourself, your maybe, your purpose.

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