Are we there yet?

Really, come on, you have to be kidding me right? We’re not there yet. It’s taking to long….We’re doing it wrong?… or maybe we are running on empty. This is just clearly not happening, so I might as well pack up and get back to the good old days.

Good old Days? What has Sylvester been telling you? Can’t you remember how mopey you were before you starting making a change? It’s only day 17. Welcome to it.

Everyone wants instant gratification for everything. Part of you deserves it … but if it was that easy we wouldn’t really be having this chat would we? Easy is the wrong word to use. Getting what you want is easy – it’s a flip of the switch – just make sure you’re doing it right.

Are you pressing Push instead of Pull ?Are you flicking a light switch up the wrong way? Did you check the light bulb and if it’s even in? Maybe, you’re just using the wrong one…

There are 1001 explanations on why it isn’t working … I’m wondering if you asked if it is? Blogging each day and finding silver linings is hard enough – least of all raking in oodles of Abundance. So while I preach this, I smack myself in the head in a very Homer Simpson kind of manner.

Since when is happiness a chore? I still have a lot to learn. So do you …

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