Film Shoot Thursdays

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The world is whispering something. It’s written in the breeze. It’s getting louder than a mumble but still not loud enough. I might be over hearing things. This might be less or more than my expectation – but either way its a grand adventure and I’m there living it.

I skipped a day on nothing shaped something to go and do something shaped nothings, and I’m still convinced I made the right move. Crazy huh.

*Your Soul thinks its awesome and pokes you to do the same*

  • First of all, it unraveled all those wonderous emotions I felt when finding myself on set with an inspired wayseer who brought this into my life (and now I pass it into yours::)
  • Secondly, it got me into Theo Crous’s Recording Studio for the love of music.
  •  Thirdly, which is the fuzzy part, to toss me behind the scene workings from one of the top SA Music Band Managers out there (as I find myself dangling my feet across that very career changing role).
  • Fourthly, it gave me a cupcake (and I do love cupcakes)
  • And the fifth reason was meaning. Today had meaning. It had purpose. It made sure I got up on time and kept me alive, bouncing off limitless energy on over a 13 hour work day.

All these reasons are gems really. Ultimately I was there in support of the project that I really can’t tell you anything about … and of course the fantab Mi-Shell Productions.

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