Step on Up

Most people are really good at dreaming up dreams, but that’s all it ever amounts too. Thinking it and putting it into action are two very different ways of living …But what happens when the dream you’ve been dreaming manifests and falls in your lap?

Do you poke at it inspecting for traps?

Do you make an excuse how nows just a bad time ? You’re just too busy doing paperwork.

Or do you grab the sucker by the horns and actually step on up?

Today I got the opportunity to interview a legend : Johnny Clegg. The PR team dropped me a line and simple dished it out. This is normal, but some PR teams make you fight it out . They also tend to pick the big leagues over the up and coming leagues…

So imagine my surprise being a ‘up and coming ‘ being offered this chance …Part of me paniced. About 10%. 90% was jiving around the room screaming Who-hoo!!! Guess what happened?

Sylvester rolled his beady eyes and went to sulk in the corner knowing that he didn’t even stand a chance.

And so it was.

I arrived at the hotel to find Johnny and Sipho lounging about under the African Sun and had an inspired chat with the Legend. The fellow ‘Comrade’. The Another Soul.

I gathered wisdom, awed under the blaze of camp fire like stories, and glimpsed into 30 years with admiration.

What a Soul!

Now that was a real Amazing! Thank you Thank you Thank you.

So when last did you step up … It doesn’t have to be something as huge as jumping out a plane …. when last did you step up to claim what you actually wanted. And if you did, what then. Is it now just a pretty picture on your mantle or is it something to take with you everywhere that you go?


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