Up is down and inside out

After having a big fat chat with Sylvester this morning about the pros and cons of actually going to Nia, I totally lost track of the time.

I wasn’t going to let this little fellow tell me what I could or couldn’t do and granted that he made a few tempting offers, I was up and about and all systems go. Yet somehow I managed to get myself in a twirl about the starting times of the class. I was dead set Nia started at 10am. The brochure was dead set on 9am. I could hear Sylvester chuckling away as he crept back under the duvet. Bugga.

Gremlin 1 – Me 0.

That was not the most impressive start to the day! But that wasn’t enough to turn me in. While the world froze over outside, I stayed snug and bubbled over with happiness. Sometimes things just don’t happen for a reason – and you gotta stop trying to make sense of things and trust there is a plan in the making …

Todays reasons for loving life and filling it with amazings is:

  • My lust for checklists (which have even won me countless awards) came in handy again. Filled with butterflies, doodles, and a solid streak of wins : I counted all the awesome things I managed to put into action … It felt like the good all invincible Wonder Woman Days.
  • absorbed in a trance, this lust spilled over to my creative side seeing me write a piece that I am really proud of : A Million Wild Looks 
  • Stepping up in more ways than one – not only did I find my very own unique voice – but I employed it. Stepping out of the shadow of every little thing that held me back, I found myself bolder and more daring than ever. A Goddess deserving of a royal ruby-red carpet.
  • Lastly all this was draped in my favourite kind of ecstasy : MUSIC

I’m working with this Muso who’s really got something unique to offer. I’m still in awe that he chose me to be on his team considering the kinds of things he is working on. I’m used to pop stars and rock bands – Producers are a whole other playground all together. So I dared myself to take a chance on the thumps and bumps and I am still curious to see where all this will go. But I must admit I have more than just good vibes about it. Apart from that X factor, I’m impressed how much he’s investing into the deal. Most bands settle for someone else saying that they are going to make then famous. They pull a couple of things and then they lose that cute baby charm and turn into troublesome teens.I can probably say, I’m not the babysitter.

I’m the Gal on a mission making things happen!

Before I knew it the world was dark again. What started in hope and action, ended just as such. All I wanted to do was fast forward into a new dawn and make magic all over again. Instead I resided to the lounging about with a glass of vino – sipping in abundance and all the deserving.

But enough about that tell me what you have been up to in your AMAZING world?


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