Left Foot. Right Foot. Repeat.

These are the days of stepping up.

In the world of glow I’ve stepped up to the light. After dropping my folks off at the airport, and wishing them the bestest on there escapades overseas, I headed over to town to meet with some really important people about my future.

There were no spreads of cards, or mystique mirror globes, just the truth. Yup. Truth. Because lets face it, facing the truth, asking the questions, and answering them with a full understanding and conviction is where it starts. With you.

Today, was an experience that spellbound me into a whole lot of more.

I met with the big boss life coach TONY at the Munitz Institute, who’s been guiding me towards a career in Life Coaching. I had no idea of what to expect from today’s chat but I knew it would be rewarding. I wasn’t expecting what I ended up getting, but the amazing thing is it was exactly what I needed, and more to the point what I wanted.

That’s the fascinating part about life. You can get what you want. After all you deserve it. Don’t listen to Sylvester. Listen to your gut. Listen to your soul.

When it comes to this experience, its like part of you has already arrived. The rest usually ends up picking at daisies or hunting down four leaf clovers in a state of limbo. I’m busy getting all my ducks in a row. I’m arriving. I’m stepping up. I’ll even use the taboo word of the day. I’m making headway in the **process* (sorry Tony)

Today I explored my desires (not to be confused with lusts) and mapped a brief connect-the-dots. I even got them throw back in my face. A previous shade of me (earlier this year clouded by smoke and mirrors) would have been defensive. She would have put up a fight, especially to spite the odds. Maybe she wouldn’t even listen in the first place. Actually, nah… She was a little to elsewhere inclined… This shade of me was open to the experience. It’s still not nice knowing that you’re wrong… but it’s not about the grading system either… It’s about acceptance and understanding and taking those blinkers off and stepping out of the box.

For me – it was about me. I have a lot more power then I know. I’m not talking about thunder sticks and power suits. I’m talking about my inner vibe. I’m talking about connecting to my intuition.

I think I’ll set a rendezvous with my soul, my intuition and myself (with cheesecake)

Right now, I’m still processing todays experience.  I don’t want to rush this feeling or this post. I’m in this moment of … how can I put it…. peace. Perhaps a touch of savouring. Flutterflies included.

These are the days of stepping up and it feels just like dancing.


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