working for the weekend

Happiness is as happiness does – When you find that place and live that life, nothing in the world can hold you back! Nothing.

In the darkest hour of night , mid slumber, I wondered where this flu thought it was going and if it was actually going to get there. Sylvester mumbled something seemingly important but I was too tired to listen to his fairytale. Whatever happens will happen with the start of a new day – and I really needed the sleep.

Waking up to a belated Saturday, the thoughts flooded back. However they only lasted 28 seconds. Kicking off my blankets – I wasn’t going to miss out on today for the world.

Despite being intoxicated by party-like vibes from the night before, my normal routine would have been to ease into the day. Strangely enough, I slept like a baby, felt completely rested, and the flu wasn’t cruising along at the pace of a snail. In fact it pretty much left the party early and didn’t even leave a note. BONUS. So I went on a cleaning frenzy, called a couple of friends, checked emails, and still had time to do my hair before speeding off to town.

Living in the heart of town would be bliss especially given the socialite-like aspect of my career, but driving on mountain tops with views like this is a luxury beyond luxury. Cape Town stretched and yawned bellow me and the mountains on the other side held a distinct glimmer of snow. One day, I’ll get there.

Thinking that I was going to be fashionably late, I enjoyed the drive and turned up the volume on my favourite playlist. I knew the day ahead was going to be long, and I tried my bestest to wish the flu  to stay away and hoped my bloodshot eyes weren’t making a cameo. Though if they were there was little to none that I could do about it. Worst case scenario, I leave early. It’s not the end-of-days kind of things to fret over. However somehow, somewhere in the sleepiness of Cape Town I made it to Grand West at 13h15. That’s 15 minutes late, and 15 minutes early (considering I had a free-late card) so that little feat made me smile.

The flu / cold / virus  / bug poped up again, like a wall flower and decided to hang around. I got what I didn’t want.  Maybe it hoping to get an autograph – I didn’t really feel like engaging it in unnessecary conversation.

At the end of it all I felt pooped. I also felt really proud and streaking on happy.

Yet again I found myself doing what I love (one of my passions) Happiness is as happiness does – When you find that place and live that life, nothing in the world can hold you back! Nothing.

Todays reasons for loving life and filling it with amazings is:

  • Living this day to the fullest
  • Backstage Pass with the Parlotones at Grand West Arena
  • Hanging out with the band – taking random snaps on make shift cameras.
  • Helping the awesome Miss Mi-Shell from Mi-Shell productions on set with pure randomness …
  • Meeting up face to face with people in my network that I never met before.
  • Just doing it.

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