Green Feilds

Today I took a little break from the yellow brick road to recollect my thoughts, smell the roses and graze. The only thing is that I decided to graze in familiar territory, which means the pastures were not lush but rather familiar and safe. Now that I come to think of it must have been Sylvester who pointed them out. Reminding me just how sweet that was.

So I peered over to find a patch of green, but nothing looked that appetising. There was a funny taste in my mouth and I kept looking. Then I realised, WHOA! Step Back as an all to familiar situation unfolded in front of my eyes. It was trying to lure me in, and Sylvester was pushing from behind. He looked up innocently with those beady eyes telling me that he had my best intentions at heart. Aha. Busted.

You see the situation morphing in front of me was something behind my scope of saviour. I once blindly accepted a mission being told that its apples when in actual fact it was more like lemons. And as lemons go these were a pretty sour bunch. So of course the more lemons happened and it fell out of my realm of knowledge. Being who I am, I though HA! A challenge – bring it on … only to be stooped by rotting lemons.

In real life, I accepted the role of babysitting a web dev company not really understanding dev. The person who sprung this on me knew this, patted me on the back and said not to worry – the web guy knows it and he can handle everything. Ummmmm. In the end. Web guy messes with babysitter and tricks her with all sorts of games, and claims he never touched the cookie jar. AKA. Says he completed all the jobs and demands payment, overcharged me by 50%, and didn’t do a damn thing. Leaving me stuck btwn a rock and a hard place on something that wasn’t even my baby to deal with. The same story unfolds, with the same promises, and all I want to do is pay the client the money back. At least he understands that I’m the babysitter.

With that I made a commitment. Move in any other direction. That’s when I found out that my feet actually never left the yellow brick road … and the location of a cute little coffee shop.

“Don’t be afraid to give up on the good and go for the great ” John D Rockefeller

What choices will you make?

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