In search for perfection

You gotta love wake up calls….

They are sneaky little buggas. They’re the best bud who tells you your ass looks big in that – and other truths. They are the gay guy you can always count on and the over enthusiastic gym teacher from hell.

Let’s call them Paulo.

They are the kind of things you love to hate.They’re seeping in self-knowledge and putting quotes up in lights. They always have an answer for everything without having to say anything at all. But life without them would be pretty bland. Those feisty little crackers are here to stay … and we’re loved up.

You see I was under the delusion that I had the perfect job. I’d already worked past all the other issues surrounding my need to be all that jazz … and I moved on.

Well. ok. Let’s put it this way: I moved on in theory. I knew it was time to say goodbye and the sky might as well have fallen, coz I thought how could I ever let go on the perfect job. It’s perfect.


I mean it is an awesome job. It’s flexible and diverse and never ties me down to the same old – same old. It gives me freedom and pays attention to my lusts. It’s all the things I wanted to do in my life (well almost) and it’s filled with challenges to keep me on my toes. It’s entertainment driven and it lets me hang out in VIP bars with the bigwigs, rockstars and supernovas. It’s a peach.

Paulo says ::

(definition) per·fect/ˈpərfikt/

Noun: The perfect tense.

Adjective: Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.


Well that’s just peachy…. Paulo has a good enough point. You see this “perfect” job aint all strawberries and cream.

If it was the perfect job I wouldn’t have to break the piggy bank and count my pennies. EVER.

If it were the perfect job, I’d be taking that holiday instead of talking about it.

Reality check – I’m no where close to the perfect job. My rental situation is a joke, my bank account is on the up and up but hardly all that … and there’s still more dreaming than actual action. It’ no where near to perfect and its missing a quintessential attribute or two. Make it 5.

Perfect isn’t the issue here. that’s just an illusion of something else.

Reality pokes again.

If Paulo wasn’t’ all that’ I might just snub him. Then again, he’s a good guy who only wants the best for you.Bless him and his innovative ways.

Over to you.

What’s your perfect dillusion you’ve been feeding yourselves over the years. It can be anything. The one I shared was around a job. Yours could be about a relationship,  the bank account, the cat, the state of the world, that pair of jeans that you know you’ll never get into, the leaking geyser, or that story about all the things you will do hen you retire story.


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